A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to the EMagLAB!

The Electro-Magnetic LABoratory is a tremendously hazardous environment, and thus you will need to control a Robotic Helper Unit in order to progress on your research on subatomic particles.

Use the mouse to control it. Your RHU will always face the cursor, and you can left click or press space to move forward.

Gather as many positive particles as you can. They are naturally attracted to the metallic encasement of your RHU. Be careful not to lose them though, since only the ones you have by the end of the research cycle will count.

The second part of your mission is to gather as many naturally repelled, negative particles into your assigned deposit. Again, only the ones you have when the time is up will count, so don't let other players steal them from you.

Part of the high-tech facilities of the LAB are the trans-spatial portals, which let you teleport from one place in the lab to the opposite side. Use them wisely!

Finally, watch out for black holes. The research done in the lab is very advanced, but the technology is not fully stable yet, so sometimes a vortex is created as a result of the subatomic processes inside the particle generator. Make sure to hide behind the protectors to avoid getting dragged into the void!

Up to 4 researches can compete in the EMagLAB. Have fun!

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the .zip file, and open the .exe file.

Mac: Open the .app file.


EMagLAB.zip 20 MB
EMagLAB.app.zip 33 MB


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Host had no way to enter a port. We were unable to play with 4 people. :o

(1 edit)

Right now the game uses a default port, so you should only worry about the local IP of the host.

When you say you were unable to play with 4 people, could you still play with 2/3 players or couldn't you play multiplayer at all?